We purchase spring piglets every year to raise for pork. We recently bought a few to add to our barnyard.

They are a Yorkshire, Spot, and Landrace mix. All these breeds are known for their exceptional meat production.

These piglets were exhausted from a long ride home.

They were not too tired to explore their new home.

Raising a pig is a wonderful experience. I like knowing my animals are raised humanely and eating a healthy diet. Many people think pigs are just nasty, smelly animals; but that could not be more untrue. If their pens are kept reasonably clean the smell is minimal. They are also intelligent animals, and each has its own personality.

We have plans to raise our own pigs in the future, but for now we buy. Here is what I look for when buying my piglets. It’s really common sense tips, but I thought I would share.

1.  Healthy and lively. When I watch piglets I want the ones who are running around and playing. I do not want a pig that is coughing, lethargic, or excessively scratching.

2.  Long and well muscled. These type of pigs tend to grow the fastest; producing the most meat.

3.  I buy barrows, which are castrated males, because they tend to have better meat to feed ratios.

4.  Unusual growths. If I see something that looks unusual on a piglet, I don’t buy.  

Do you have any other piglet buying tips that you would like to add? Do you raise pigs or are thinking about it in the future?