The floor screed significantly extends the life of the floor covering, absorbs the load on the supporting structures, and also protects the floor from damage. However, over time, the base collapses and requires replacement. Repairing a concrete slab is a rather laborious and costly process, therefore, most often a complete dismantling of the screed is performed.

Before considering the main methods for removing a base, it is worth listing the situations when such a procedure is inevitable.

Dismantling the floor screed is difficult, but possible!

Among other dismantling works to remove various structural elements, one of the most popular types is the dismantling of the floor screed. Removing the old floor screed is a rather laborious process that requires not only the use of special equipment, but also some work experience.

If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to use the help of professionals: the price of dismantling the floor screed will cost more, but this option is safer. In the case when “we see the goal – we see no obstacles”, we carry out the dismantling of the cement screed with our own hands, using our recommendations.

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Dismantling the floor: definition, purpose of the screed

If a major overhaul is planned with the repair of the ceiling, wall decoration, then, most likely, the installation of a new floor will also have to be performed. Dismantling the cement screed is necessary if:

  • the old floor screed is badly cracked, irregularities appeared
  • lowering the floor level is necessary
  • you need to repair the communications mounted under the material

Sometimes it is strictly forbidden to pour a new screed on top of the old one. In this case, a complete dismantling of the floor screed is carried out in order to make a new screed from a cement-sand mixture.

What is a floor screed?

A floor screed is a layer of a small (at least 4-5 cm) strong material, arranged on the main structure of the floor. This coating is an intermediate layer between the concrete shell and the floor covering itself.

The screed can be either monolithic (from a cement-sand mixture) or composite (from several layers of gypsum cement or expanded clay concrete). To obtain maximum strength, a monolithic screed can be reinforced with a metal mesh. The qualitative composition of the floor screed affects its strength, load, hydro- and thermal insulation properties.

The screed has many functions:

  • flattens the floor plane
  • takes over the load on the supporting structures
  • serves to protect floors from external influences, abrasion, impact
  • is the basis for further layers of sound, heat insulation, flooring
  • distributes heat in floors equipped with built-in heating

The screed is made directly on the concrete base for maximum leveling of the surface, which will facilitate the application of the final floor covering in the future: linoleum, parquet, laminate, etc.

Dismantling of a concrete screed, which is mainly used in the construction of yard buildings in country cottages, basements, garages, is also a rather laborious process. Due to the budget price and ease of installation, concrete floors are also created in residential premises with subsequent insulation. Modern dismantling of a concrete screed, the price of which depends on the chosen method of its removal, can be carried out by “manual” and “machine” methods.

Concrete is a rock-like material with a complex structure, including aggregates of various shapes and sizes, which are held together by a binder. Having appeared a couple of centuries ago, concrete is one of the most popular building materials in the construction of buildings and various structures. Not only the floor is produced from it, but also the foundation, walls, panels, blocks.

Dismantling of concrete can be complete or partial. Often, the dismantling of the concrete screed is carried out by diamond cutting of the concrete. Then the dismantling of the concrete floor or wall is carried out, as the hero of the famous film said “without noise and dust.”

Dismantling a cement (concrete) screed: rules for proper removal

Most often, the dismantling of the floor screed is carried out by the percussion method using power tools: perforators, jackhammers, diamond cutting wheels. At home, you can use an ordinary crowbar, a sledgehammer, a hammer, a chisel, if the thickness of the coating allows.

Dismantling the cement (concrete) screed in any way is carried out by breaking the base into pieces. For the removal and removal of cement-concrete residues, you should stock up on bags of durable material in advance.